How do you leave your past when it hasn't left you?

Will Ford is on the verge of starting the next chapter in his life; a senior, graduating, escaping to college with his high school sweetheart, Lane. But with the return of his brother, Will struggles to leave his past behind. 

K.R. Allshouse
Writer & Director

 K. R. Allshouse is an artist and filmmaker from Columbus, Ohio. She is currently pursuing a bachelor of arts from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio in Film and Studio Art in joint with a music minor. She has always had an interest in film making and gravitates toward the production side of things. She has worked on an upcoming feature, Gotta Get Down to It as well as directing a short documentary with Maine Media. She has also received an award for "Best Original Composition" at the 2018 Kenyon College Film Festival for her work on The Assignment. She often explores dark themes in her work and He's Here is no exception. 

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Rad Savage
Cinematographer & Editor

Savage is a senior studying Film and Classics at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. Originally from West Hartford, Connecticut, Savage has worked on short documentaries with Maine Media as well as small collaborations at Kenyon. He has also had experience screenwriting and considers this his true passion and has written several shorts as well as a feature. Savage hopes to dive into the world of talent in his post grad and work his way up to being an agent.

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